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Too Good to be True- The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff Part 1

Erin Arvedlund first wrote about Bernie Madoff for Barrons in 2001 and published her book, Too Good to be True- The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff in August of 2009. In this episode of The Massachusetts School of Law's Books of our Time, Dean Velvel, himself a Madoff victim, and Arvedlund discuss the history of the brokerage industry, the possible culpability of the entire Madoff family, the difference between Madoff's legitimate brokerage firm and his illegitimate hedge fund and the steps that lead up to the largest Ponzi scheme in American History. Arvedlund tells the story of Madoff's infamous Ponzi scheme with the knowledge and detail of an insider, and sheds new light on the greatest financial enigma of American History. The Massachusetts School of Law also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books. For more information visit mslawledu. MSLAW podcasts are available on itunes (just search for mslaw) and at [ voir sur ]

Durée : 60 min
En ligne le : 10/12/09 02:36

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Police State 4: Der Aufstieg der FEMA (English Version) - 6/14

Police State 4 zeigt die kranken Abgründe in die Amerika inzwischen gefallen ist. Alex Jones belegt in diesem Dokumentarfilm die Existenz eines geheimen Netzwerks von FEMA Camps, die in den letzten Jahren Bundesweit wie Pilze aus der Erde wuchsen. Dieser militärisch-industrielle Komplex ist Teil der Veränderung unserer einst freien Nation in ein riesiges Gefangenenlager. Ein Bargeldloses Gesellschafts-Kontroll-Netzwerk, erschaffen im Namen der Terrorismusbekämpfung, wurde errichtet um das amerikanische Volk zu versklaven. Body Scanner, Schallwaffen, BürgerSpitzel, inszenierter Terror und Kameras an jeder Straßenecke und das ist erst der Beginn des teuflischen Plans der neuen Weltordnung. Unterstützt den Produzenten und kauft die DVD unter oder http Wenn mir jemand den Text schickt synchronisiere ich den Film. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 10 min
En ligne le : 22/04/10 16:10

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100904 - Hyper Report

Reports on Hyperinflation: BACON: Dagong Sounds the Gong On US Debt White House Considering Emergency Economic Stimuli Food Stamps Went to Record 41.3 Million in June, USDA Says Sing a Song About Obama and Get Fired. So much for free speech. Please prepare now for the forthcoming economic, and subsequent social, unrest that will hit the US [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 48
En ligne le : 04/09/10 14:53

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Energy Sector Report: July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010 -- Energy issues are up pre-market as oil gains on strong-than-expected results from major companies including Alcoa (AA) at the beginning of the earnings season. The Paris-based International Energy Agency reported that global demand for energy is likely to dip next year as growth in industrial countries is seen to remain lackluster on the one hand, while energy efficiency improves on the other. While the IEA anticipates demand growth rising 2.1% this year to average 86.5 million a barrel, that pace will fall in 2011. BP plc (BP) is up nearly 2% pre-market on the NYSE as the company said it placed a new cap on its leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. Brent crude is up 1.6% at $75.67 a barrel on NYMEX. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 09
En ligne le : 13/07/10 15:22

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Consumer Reporting Agency.wmv

Do you really know what a consumer reporting agency is? Did you know that they are for-profit business marketing solution providers? It is up to you to police your credit report. Know what they know. Don't go a day longer without knowing how your creditors are reporting your information. Pull your three credit bureaus and see for yourself if you have any erroneous negative information. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 36
En ligne le : 21/11/09 21:55

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Prince Part 2 / 13 - 2010 HD

Prince Part 2 Star Cast Vivek Oberoi...... Prince Aruna Shields...... Maya Nandana Sen...... Maya Neeru Singh...... Maya Isaiah...... Sarang Sanjay Kapoor...... Officer Khan Dalip Tahil...... Colonel Khanna Manish Anand...... Mike Mayur Puri...... PK Rajesh Khattar...... Sherry Mohit Chauhan...... Agent Roy Amit Behl [ voir sur ]

Durée : 9 min 54
En ligne le : 01/10/10 15:02

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News Update: Fitch Downgraded Ireland's Credit Rating To A+ With Negative Outlook

Fitch Ratings downgraded Ireland's credit rating to A+ from AA- and said that it may do so again if the economy fails to recover and political support for budget cuts weakens, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The ratings agency also set its outlook to negative. The downgrade may push Ireland's borrowing costs higher and make it more difficult for the government to meet its debt repayments without seeking help from the EU's European Financial Stability Fund. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 0 min 43
En ligne le : 06/10/10 14:12

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Mw2 New maps+free 10th Prestige Lobby Ingnor Tags: cod 6 six rank up glitch prestige no time cod 1 2 3 4 5 6 cod mw2 boosting BOOSTING quick 10th prestige hack mod glitch one game rank up private match glitch and tutorial 1 kill tenth prestige Hack Mod cod mw2 online ee the lobbys and the... [ voir sur ]

Durée : 10 min 09
En ligne le : 24/03/10 01:19

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Understanding Preschool - Grade 3 Structures

The US Departments of Education (ED) and Health and Human Services (HHS) Listening and Learning About Early Learning Meetings: Understanding Preschool - Grade 3 Structures [ voir sur ]

Durée : 69 min 39
En ligne le : 13/05/10 18:23

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eL vs CIA - Oxy

MoH:AA Obj Ladder 2005 Match eternal Life {eL} - 15 Conspiracy of Independent Assassins {CIA} - 13 Lineup eL eL ' shithe4d eL ' zoorz eL ' tidus eL ' emm eL ' Oxy (ineyes) Lineup zoiD Cin Metal Assault.mp3 Überlame TrickY Demo by Oxy Match Report: Full Size Download: [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 34
En ligne le : 06/09/08 12:27

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