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PAR AVION GRAND PRIX White Fences FL March '10.wmv

Par Avion "97 17h Imp.g is seen here performing his latest Grand Prix at Whit Fences 28th March '10. www.teamworkdressage,com is representing this horse for sale and we feel he is a talented and generous horse who improves every time he goes into the ring at Grand Prix! Please contact Libby & Jules Anderson for more information on Par Avion Cell:202.213.3191 or Email: [ voir sur ]

Durée : 6 min 14
En ligne le : 29/03/10 13:39

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Kaoss Guitar. Demo of Kp3 effects, DD7, CoPilot Orbit, Fuzz, Fsk-101, Killswitch

-Prs Se Singlecut, Internal kaoss (Kp3), Internal oscillating fuzz circuit, Internal Boss DD7 Delay circuit, Internal CoPilot Orbit circuit, Fsk-101 Sustainer, Pushbutton Killswitch. -Longer than my usual videos, this one shows a bit of how the touch screen controls the effect you want, and how you switch from effect to bypass. -This guitar was modified entirely by me. -I do offer mods/guitars to the public, see my profile page for more info. -For those of you telling me you want one, this guitar cost over $1500 in PARTS ALONE. Just add up the price of the guitar and effects yourself:) Factor in the labor for these ultra specialized mods and you've got a serious price tag. Just so you're somewhat aware of this;) Thanks! [ voir sur ]

Durée : 6 min 05
En ligne le : 07/06/09 22:01

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Jeremy's jet fighter garden feature - Speed - BBC

As a fitting monument to speed, Jeremy decides to create a shrine in his garden. He thinks a Lightning Supersonic Jet Fighter - the fastest jet ever flown by the RAF - would be the ultimate mark of respect. His wife, on the other hand, has other ideas! Great clip from the series 'Speed', presented by Jeremy Clarkson. Go to tosee a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don't forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 4 min 05
En ligne le : 26/08/10 11:57

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Shadow of the Colossus- Colossus 5: Avion (6)

Colossus battle #5, the Delta Phoenix. This was probably one of my favorite battles the first time around, and it was even more fun and challenging this time around. You really have to be careful not to go flying off, cause if you do you're screwed... especially if you're trying to keep it under ten minutes. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 8 min 57
En ligne le : 29/03/08 23:19

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Reina sings to Casillas and Sara in the plane. - Celebración en el avión.

Celebration in the plane, Pepe Reina , Villa, Sergio Ramos they sing to Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas. The couple met on the plane for the press and the Spanish players went from first class to begin a celebration that would wake everyone. Spain Win the Mundial Sudáfrica World Cup [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 49
En ligne le : 12/07/10 18:48

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FM Belfast: Par Avion

Music video to the song "Par Avion" with FM Belfast, featured on their album "How to make friends", out now from World Champion records ( ). Video created by Torfi Frans Olafsson. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 24
En ligne le : 20/11/08 01:32

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Wao (Ken)/Sabin (Dhalsim) vs CANTONA (Zangief) @ Sega Avion 9/23/09

Osaka, Japan Sega Avion 9/23/09 Sorry the me/Cantona match got cut off at the end. I won that one actually. :P [ voir sur ]

Durée : 8 min 03
En ligne le : 01/10/09 15:10

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Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo (SS2) Flights

An animation by Virgin Galactic showing what flying into space onboard SS2 will be like. It is likely that commercial flights will begin 2010 from the Spaceport America in New Mexico. Current ticket price is around £100000 ($200000) [ voir sur ]

Durée : 6 min 28
En ligne le : 23/01/08 22:37

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ak-7:el avion de las 3

its just the music and the pic subcribe and there will be more vids!!!!! [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 48
En ligne le : 08/12/07 03:29

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Avion Blackman "Yeshua"

Here is Avion Blackman's Newest Music Video we just produced called "Yeshua". I love the colors in this video.. Amazing!!! Can anyone guess where this was shot? Hope you all enjoy, Brian [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 52
En ligne le : 10/11/08 18:49

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