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crazy promos Vol. 3 Macho Man Randy Savage

The crazy Promos Has Gone Macho [ voir sur ]

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CHAKA KHAN & BILLY COBHAM (promo) "Alive" drum'n'voice vol. 3 (produced by Nicolosi / Novecento)

BILLY COBHAM drum n voice vol.3 feat CHAKA KHAN, GINO VANNELI, GEORGE DUKE, JOHN SCOFIELD, BRIAN AUGER, ALEX ACUNA, BOB MINTZER, NOVECENTO Nicolosi productions release date 11 December 2009 music@nicolosipro... Chaka Khan and Gino Vannelli are amongst the super guests of the long awaited album "Drum'n'Voice Volume 3" by world-class jazz/fusion drummer Billy Cobham. Produced between Milan and legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles by Nicolosi Productions, (also known as the breakthru group "Novecento"), this new album contains stunning performances from legendary artists such as George Duke, Alex Acuna, John Scofield, Brian Auger, Bob Mintzer and Novecento itself. Once more Cobham delivers an amazing creativity and listening experience that unveils its unique style in playing drums and percussions. at the beginning of 2010 "Drum'n'Voice Live Tour" will see the light with part of the artists performing. The album will be available soon for digital downloads across all the main online retailers. [ voir sur ]

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Disney Channel Promos Vol. 8

These aired on March 2nd, 1991. Quality isn't so hot at times...but you'll live. Thanks to my cousin David for recording this. 1. Coming up... 2. Promo for "Monkeys, Go Home!" (I really need to watch this. Dean Jones with Chimps. How can it be bad?) 3. Promo for "Bambi" 4. Dateline: Walt Disney World (Featuring the "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" playground at Disney MGM Studios) 5. Eyecatch: Rubber Stamp 6. Promo for "Avonlea" 7. Promo for "The Little Mermaid" 8. Promo for "Darkwing Duck" (Awesome!) 9. "A Special Presentation" Bumper 10. Close Captioning Bumper 11. Promo for "Judy Garland: The Television Classics" 12. Promo for The Best of Hollywood ("Mogambo", "King Of Kings", "Ivanhoe", "Bringing Up Baby", "Woman Of The Year", "Adam's Rib", "Little Women", "Oklahoma", "South Pacific", "The Flower Drum Song" and "Singin' In The Rain" (God, seeing stuff like this just makes me depressed. Talk about going downhill) 13. Eyecatch: Chinese Theater 14. Promo for "Billy Joel: Live At Yankee Stadium" 15. Promo for "Perfect Harmony" (Cuts off at the end...sorry) [ voir sur ]

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Disney Channel Promos Vol. 4

These aired on The Disney Channel on November 30th, 1989 during one of their preview weekends. 1. Coming Up... 2. Holiday Preview (I think the spirit of the 80's really died with Robert Urich) 3. Nancy (Another visit from The Disney Channel operator. I really want that calendar, BTW) 4. Celebrate Me Home 5. Promo for "The Last Starfighter" 6. Promo for "Splash" 7. Sunday Night Showcase ("Ready Steady Go!", "Help!", "Rock 'n' Roll: The Early Days") 8. Dateline Walt Disney World ("Delta Dreamflight" looked like a pretty crappy ride) 9. Eyecatch: Mickey's Nightmare 10. Seasonal Specials ("Holiday Splendor", "A Candlelight Christmas Ceremony", "Bush Christmas", "Magic Kingdom Yuletide Special", "Christmas At Walt Disney World", "Christmas Messenger") 11. Disney Channel Family Films (Partial) [ voir sur ]

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Disney Channel Promos Vol. 11

Here's a random sampling of promos that aired on the Disney Channel throughout the 80's and early 90's. 1. The Best In Family Entertainment 2. Coming Up Next: "Welcome To Pooh Corner" (Another show I watched fairly regularly as a kid. Watching anything from it these days gives me nightmares for weeks) 3. Disneyland Celebrates 35 Years Of Magic (Featuring Mickey's Mouseorail) 4. Dateline Disney (Hayley Mills and "The Parent Trap III") 5. Coming Up Next: "Shipwreck" 6. "The New Mickey Mouse Club" Special Talent Contest 7. Promo for "The New Mickey Mouse Club" 8. Promo for "The New Mickey Mouse Club" 9. Disney Channel Magazine "Avonlea" 10. Special Presentation Bumper 11. Coming Up Tonight... (These aren't really necessary when the only schedule you have are back-to-back 10 hour marathons of tween sitcoms) [ voir sur ]

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SHOWDVD Vol 7 Promo

Clips form SHOW DVD Volume 7 SHOW Latina is always amongst the hottest content we have to offer and this Latina Lover's Editon Vol. 7 is no exception. This DVD is even sexier than our first Latina DVD, Vol. 3. It features the dangerous curves of Jesikah Maximus (32D-24-41), who is always one of the most requested models on the Latina scene, the Brazilian bombshell Suelyn, who is as hot as they come and Playboy Playmate, cover model, Jessica Burciaga. You can also check more of the lovely Latina ladies from SHOW 11, one of our all time best selling issues. With a hard hitting Reggaeton soundtrack and tons of SHOWXXXtra bonus footage, you will not want to miss this DVD! Check out more SHOWDVD content here: [ voir sur ]

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Disney Channel Promos Vol. 3

These aired on July 7th, 1988 and January 5, 1989. Thanks to my cousin David for recording these. 1. Eyecatch: Window 2. Coming Up Next.../Feature Presentation 3. Mickey Milestones (Featuring a clip from "The Pointer") 4. Promo for "Dinosaurs" 5. Promo for The "Boatniks" 6. Promo for "2 1/2 Dads" 7. Coming Up... 8. Around The World: Walt Disney World With Eric Boardman (All about things to do in the waters of WDW. Featured is the now extinct "River Country" water park, Bay Lake and the leapfrog fountains at EPCOT. Not the whole thing, but still great nonetheless) [ voir sur ]

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A Little Taster Of The Supernova (Vol 1) Compilation Mix From Summer 09' Full Download Available For FREE! @:- ★★★ Featured Several Times In 'MIXMAG' (In One Issue Quoted As "A Prodigy") ★★★ For UK & Worldwide Booking Information Contact TER Management: [ voir sur ]

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Disney Channel Promos Vol. 6

These aired on June 16th, 1988. Thanks to my cousin David for recording these. 1. Eyecatch: Mickey's TV 2. Promo for "The Ugly Dachshund" 3. Mickey Milestones: "The Picnic" 4. Eyecatch: Origami 5. Coming up next... 6. Promo for "Videopolis" 7. Promo for "The Ugly Dachshund" (I've always been a fan of this movie, other than for the obvious Dean Jones appeal. It's taught me to never trust Dachshunds, and I've lived well by this advice) 8. Promo for "The Bears and I" 9. Eyecatch: Record Player [ voir sur ]

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