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rêve et passion par ekinoxe

Envie de vous évader ? Envie de voyager en Europe ou à l'autre bout du monde ? Faites part de votre projet à Rêve et Passion. Notre agence de voyages se chargera de vous trouver le voyage qui correspond à vos envies, et ce au meilleur prix. Notre agence de voyages vous accueille et vous écoute pour mieux comprendre vos désirs et pour vous proposer le plus beau des voyages. Grâce à une attention entière au client, elle met à votre disposition un service irréprochable et des prestations de grande qualité. De plus, elle travaille sans cesse pour vous dénicher les meilleurs prix auprès de ses partenaires. Naviguez sur notre site et trouvez les informations qui vous intéressent : Vols Forfaits voyage Hôtels Locations de voiture Citytrips - Minitrips Croisières Maison de vacances Assurances Sports d'Hiver Thomas Cook Rendez-vous dans notre agence de voyages, située à Gembloux en Belgique près de Charleroi et Namur ou contactez-nous via notre formulaire ou par téléphone au +32 (0) 81 625060. [ voir sur ]

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kyriad hotels. the best place. kyriad hotels YOU CAN FIND any HOTEL all around the world. kyriad hotels: relax and enjoi of the charming architectural style of a traditional French farm of the Brie region. Get access to panoramic views over surrounding places. kyriad hotels Ideally situated between Cannes city centre and Mandelieu La Napoule, this Kyriad hotel is 800 metres from the beach, 1 kilometre from the motorway and 5 kilometres from La Croisette. Rooms at the Kyriad Hotel Cannes Mandelieu are all air-conditioned and soundproofed, and equipped with en suite facilities. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available upon request. The restaurant, La Bastide Rouge, welcomes you all year round in a pleasant setting and serves traditional or Provencal cuisine. commercial created by [ voir sur ]

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FAUNIA. Conócela

Faunia, recientemente incorporado a Parques Reunidos (Julio 2009), es un espectacular Parque Temático de la Naturaleza situado en Madrid. Conoce sus animales, sus ecosistemas y la recreación de entornos naturales. Tenemos la combinación perfecta. Visita el Parque Temático de la Naturaleza más moderno de Europa (FAUNIA) y el Parque Temático Warner con hotel de 4 estrellas incluido por SÓLO 68,25 €. FAUNIA is an outstanding Nature Theme Park. Meet the animals in their real ecosystems and get astonished by one of the newest and most modern Theme Parks of Europe. We have the perfect combination. Visit one of the most modern Nature Theme Parks in Europe (FAUNIA) + Warner Park Madrid + a 4 stars hotel for JUST €68.25. Visit us in http [ voir sur ]

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Yura's Bar Mitzvah FINE Productions in cooperation with the director Sam Shmulik Behar Nice

Yura's Bar Mitzvah FINE Productions FINE Luxury events company in cooperation with the director Sam Shmulik Behar Nice. A luxurious Bar Mitzvah production which was held at the Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv. The event's decoration was an inspiration of the Sportin Club in Monte Carlo. The huge production included a candle lighting ceremony accompanied with multimedia while combining it with Barbara Streisend's song "Avinu Malkeinu". Throughout the ceremony there were modern dancers and video art from Jerusalem reading the Torah. In the main item, the Bar mitzvah kid was dancing alongside the dancers and a video art in James Bond style. During the event, there were different shows from Europe such as: Arash from Azerbaijan, Russian TV Broadcasters Baskov & Oxana and their bands, Abraham Russo and the champagne band. [ voir sur ]

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I am a Dutch professional, living in Holland. I travel a lot, mainly in Europe, and when I do I always take what I call my UTB with me, my Urban Tool Bag. One of the items in it is a self-made wedge which I use to make sure that I can sleep quietly at night in a foreign hotel. I shove it under the door and no one can come in. In addition I present a brief look at the other items in my UTB. Mind you, the last part of the video has a siren, so turn down the volume of your loudspeakers or headset! [ voir sur ]

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Get well soon, Bill vol.2

Yes... Bill was ill, he had a cyst on his vocal cords and it had to be removed surgically. And because of that they have cancelled the rest of their European tour. They're not coming in Finland on 5th of April... Video is about that. Watch & rate, please! [ voir sur ]

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BD Voyage Europe 2009 (Partie 2 - Paris)

Le transport en autobus de l'aréoport jusqu'au prestigieux hotel ÉTAP! [ voir sur ]

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Last Day of Europe Trip 2005

A (crappy) video I took on the bus when I was with People to People two years ago. We were on our way to the hotel in Rome. There is some rather amusing stuff to be had here. Keep the volume low because of some screaming. XD; The most amusing here would be Sam (glasses. the one that gets all up in the camera) and Patrick (the other one that later messes with Sam) Fun times. [ voir sur ]

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Hotel Hesperia Tower - Barcelona, Spain - Hotel Hesperia Tower is born into a city that shares its spirit. Barcelona is a mjor European cite, set on the coast. It has 2000 years of history and in recent times has become an international icon of modernity, tradition and diversity. [ voir sur ]

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