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Riad Jona Marrakech Riad zitoune kedim 34, derb jdid 40 040 Marrakech Maroc Tel 00212 (0)5 24 42 73 49 Gsm : 00212 (0)6 61 88 78 01 Le Riad Jona vous accueille en pleins coeur de la Médina de Marrakech. Situé à 5 minutes à pieds de la célèbre place "Jema el Fna" et à quelques pas des monuments les plus emblématiques de Marrakech. Notre riad à une capacité de 18 personnes. Nous proposons une service de restauration, bar, wifi et poste internet gratuit, piscine et jacuzzi en terrasse ainsi q'un hammam où vous pourrez vous détendre et vous faire masser après une longue journée passée dans les souks. Organisation d'excursions, soirées festives, transfert aéroport ... [ voir sur ]

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Metal Gear Survival BASE AA Jan 30 10 v04

Clan Islanders in BASE Mission. Can you spot the Glitch? If found and if you don't bother to report it to Konami do it! Maybe it will land in an empty cpu memory space at Konami servers but lets think it will keep the "Honest people request for a clean MGO experience ringing" Hint: Look for ghosts in the game that dissapear or are "jammed" in circles! (I bet after flipping the switch)! Write your comments! Hint: 0:42,2:11,3:35 name: /=bukara=/ (check on video) Thanks Rata for the observation, I forgot to check on details this video!Visit: Do you play fair? Are you part of a Clan that play with honor? If so would you want to have a Clan war with ISLANDERS? Send Clan War request email to and lets organize a great day of gameplay together! Good Luck! [ voir sur ]

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FOX HuNTeR Death Loop Glitches

OMG, a death loop glitcher, are you serious? unfortunately, yes. Any one getting as tired of reading this title as I am of writing it? News flash -- as long as scrubs continue to bitch glitch, I'll continue to post them, and Konami will continue to suspend them. Simple math glitchers ... you glitch, we = MGO - you. Fox Hunter glitched (beyond a shadow of a doubt) at the times indicated in red in the video. "The Best" likely glitched too, but I need to verify with the two clan members he repeated killed at those times (check out 2-52 and 2-42, 1-21 and 1-12, and 0-51 and 0-42 in game 1; and 3-51 and 3-43 in game 2). Reported Fox Hunter tonight; will send in the report on "the best" if I get confirmation from my clan that he glitched them.keys: MGO survival tournament purplesnake rapidfire "mega lolz" OFRN Baldo sorrowbringers AA "fox hunter" "fox hunter" glitcher lagger lagswitcher "death loop" "spawn glitch" deathlooper cheater TDM MGS4 konami "metal gear online" loser "ronald jenkees" [ voir sur ]

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Access Virginia Beach for February 19 - February 26

Take a look inside the City and Schools of Virginia Beach with VBTV's "Access Virginia Beach" Line-up: School make-up days announced School Board accepting at-large position applications School Board Vice-Chairman announced School Board reviews budget considerations after recent announcement from Governor General Assembly update (We're at the half way point) Mayor presents Lifesaving Awards Crime Prevention Tip of Month (Burglary Prevention) Pothole repair reporting Three Oaks Elementary hosts Olympics Parent Connection Open Gym Kicks off at Bayside Rec. Center Independence Middle School students enjoy French / English Lesson on French Revolution Linkhorn Park Elementary students bake bread for charity Arrowhead Elementary students kick off the Chinese New Year Show V21#30 AV395610 02/19/10 [ voir sur ]

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42° report mgo lag switcher mao sopravvivenza 21 08 10 mk2 BASI AA

Italian Gis editing video 42° report MGO LAG SWITCHER MAO SOPRAVVIVENZA 21 08 10 MK2 BASI AA Sindrom X member_id 20785730 They use LS/MAO lag for cheat in survival EVIDENCE It is not possible to go on like this. We can't stand this situation anymore. Drastic actions and exemplary punishments are needed, as provided by online player's contract and regulations at point 6 and 7. Honest players must be protected. PLEASE KONAMI FOR STOP THESE CHEATERS RED PING NOT ALLOWED IN SURVIVAL OR TOURNEY RED PING = AUTO KIK We want region lock also in europe like Konami did for Japan at 11 05 2010 and for NA 28 07 2010 Please use this video for report them to konami italy link uk link [ voir sur ]

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T-Pain Feat. Young Joc - Buy UA Drink

T-Pain Feat. Young Joc - Buy UA Drink [ voir sur ]

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